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Receiving bookings on your airsoft field page

It is possible to receive bookings right from your airsoft field’s page. This allows visitors who find your field trough our website to instantly book for a certain date.

To start accepting bookings, you can activate the bookings module as shown here:

The availability section will now show. If you want to add certain time slots for certain days of the week, you can do that here. For example if you offer a skirm in the evening on weekdays, you can select a time slot for the evening. If you offer an entire day’s play in the weekend, you can set the times accordingly.

After you’ve set the time slots, you can now set up your prices.
You can set the regular price, which will be the price for monday to friday and you can set the weekend price, which is the price for saturday & sunday. You may also set the reservation fee (a on-time fee which will be charged to the guest per reservation (so not per ticket).

If you enable instant booking, you do not need to approve a listing in order to let the guest pay for the booking.

Please leave the reservation expiration set to 48hours. This will allow the payment to be confirmed, without causing any problems. Enable the price per guest if you want to sell 1 ticket per guest. Choose which payment options you would like to give to your customer.

The maximum number of guests is the maximum number of tickets, which can be sold at once. The minimum number of guests will not allow ticket sales to happen if this amount of tickets has not been selected.

Last but not least, you can add bookable services & extra’s. For example charge a supplement for guests who would like to order a rental kit or for example buy a food deal or something like this. In this section, you can also just display a pricing list on your page, without giving the option of booking it through our website.

The title is the product title.
In the description, you can give more details about what this item is.
The price is the price per unit sold.
The slider button is the button which makes it possible for guests to order this item. If the slider is on, the guests will be able to book this item straight away from the website. If it is off, this item will show in the price list, but not be bookable.

Last but not least, you can select different fee types, this will setup the way you charge for your items.

This are the options:

One time fee => Your customer can select how many times he wants to order this.
Multiply by guests => This extra will automatically be added to the order, for each ticket chosen.
Multiply by days => If an event takes multiple days, this charge will be multiplied by the amount of days automatically.
Multiply by days & guests => The item will be added 1 time for each ticket sold & each day selected automatically.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND TO ACTIVATE THE QUANTITY BUTTONS IF YOUR GUESTS NEED TO SELECT THE AMOUNT OF TIMES THEY LIKE TO ORDER. If a charge is automatically added (for example: multiplied by guests), you can tick this box to allow users to select more than 1 piece.

The availability calendar allows you to select the dates which are bookable. By default all days are bookable, but you can select dates which should not be available. For example holidays or closing days.

The costs of accepting bookings:

To accept bookings, you pay a small fee per booking. We kept this fee as low as possible, which is 4% of the order total. This allows us to cover our costs of accepting an online payment, while minimising the fees for you as a field owner.

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