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Accepting bookings, how does it work?

Accepting bookings through our website is actually a very effective and low-cost way of accepting bookings online. We let you accept 2 types of bookings and a variety of payment options for your guests.

How does it work?

First of all, you create a new listing as an event.
You enter all information, such as location, address, description, … and scroll further down.

Pricing & bookable services

There you will see a tab called “Pricing & bookable services”. These are added services, which can be ordered as an extra charge, on top of the ticket price. For example, your customers pay an extra € 5,- if you want a hamburger and a drink, this is something you can add here.

“One time fee” -> The guest has to select how many times he wants to order this upgrade.
“Multiply by guests” -> If the customer buys 2 tickets, we will automatically add this charge 2 times.
Be sure to activate the quantity buttons, so customers can select how many they want to order & to click on the slider button, to make this item available for sale.


Check the box to activate bookings.
Scroll down a bit and you will see a new section activated. Here you can set the maximum amount of tickets you would like to sell, the base ticket price, set a reservation fee (see below) and a reservation expiration date.

You can also activate instant bookings & set the required payment method.

Ticket price

This is the base ticket price. For example if you offer day entrance at € 15, but players who stay for a night skirm pay € 25. Then you set your ticket price at € 15 and add “Night skirm fee” as a bookable service for € 10. Players who want to stay for the night skirm will then select the night skirm fee and pay a total of € 25.

Reservation fee

You can charge your customers a reservation fee. For example to cover administrative costs or cover a part of our fees (see below). This fee is calculated PER ORDER, so NOT PER TICKET.

Reservation expiry

You can automatically cancel a reservation if a payment is not received after a certain period of time. We recommend keeping this on 48hours.

Instant bookings
Your customer will book your event.
If you chose “cash or online payment” or “cash only payment”, the booking will now automatically be approved. Depending on wether you chose to receive an online payment, the customer will now be redirected to an online payment platform & instantly pay, or he will pay cash at the entrance.

If you choose to receive only cash payments, please keep in mind that for instant bookings you will get booking status “approved – unpaid”. Meaning, you approve for the guest to come to the event, but did not yet receive payment. You can however mark the order as paid, once you received the cash payment.

Non-instant bookings:
We recommend this if you have different ways of accepting guests (for example if you accept reservations via mail & our website and keep a separate guest list).

For non-instant bookings, guests will make a booking request instead of an instant booking. You as the owner of the event have to click “approve” to let the guest know he is now welcome at the event. This gives you he best control over how many people can make a reservation if you use different systems.

If you use this method and chose cash payments only, the guest will pay at the gate or wherever he has to pay. If you chose to accept online payments, the guest will now get a payment link in his mailbox, via which he can pay the reservation.

How much does it cost to accept bookings online?

This depends on wether you choose to accept online payments.

For example: All orders which are paid cash cost you nothing. So if you choose only to accept cash payments, you will have t pay nothing to accept bookings.

If you give your customers a choice to pay cash or online, you only pay a small fee for the ones that choose to pay online.

The cost for accepting online orders is currently 4% of the order total. On an order of € 30, you currently pay € 1,2 fee. We need to do this, because accepting payments also costs us a certain amount, depending on which payment method was selected.

How do we pay out your earnings?

In your wallet you can see your current earnings and your balance available for withdrawal. On this page, you can select a payment method, which is either Paypal or Bank transfer. Please keep in mind that Paypal may charge you a fee to accept a business payment. This fee can be pretty high, so we advise you to choose bank transfer.

As a standard, we pay out your earnings every week on monday, but you can always send us an email if you would like to withdraw your funds faster.

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